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Our Mission Is to Provide A Safe Haven

After going through serious lawsuits, Talk 2 Me Media was created. Its purpose is to provide a safe haven for SMS senders and data acquisition companies to safely monetize without the threat of unwarranted lawsuits.
  • In the last 15 years, Talk 2 Me Media has generated billions of
    revenue dollars via digital marketing.
  • The strategies, structures and skilled delivery used to protect you
    result from real life experiences and untold expense.
  • With over 60 years of cumulative expertise, T2M offers peace of
    mind you can’t place a price tag on.
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The industry’s most innovative
solution for SMS delivery.

Make the Right Choice for Your Future. Choose T2M!
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Steps to Safely Maximize Data Monetization

Offshore Shielding
Laser Focused ROI
Expert Level Delivery
Freedom to Scale
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Work with A Dedicated
SMS Company

Realize your full business potential with an offshore team.
  • How does adding an extra arm’s length layer help?
    The benefits of leveraging offshore workforces are widely communicated.  Our system provides an extra layer of protection that data senders generally don’t have access to. Talk 2 Me Media is completely operated and housed in credible offshore jurisdictions. This means it’s a lot less vulnerable to the standard legal recourse methods commonly used by litigators within the United States.  The offshore strategies, corporate structures and delivery systems used to protect and maximize the monetary value of your SMS delivery are a priceless culmination of decades of experience, hard work and untold expense.
  • Why so much emphasis on shielding from litigators?
    Acquiring mobile records and sending SMS messages carries significant risks.  Basically, every time you press the SEND button and deliver an offer, you run the risk of a lawsuit. Frivolous claims are on the rise. Litigators have found the SMS space a great place to generate income by filing cases that rightly or wrongly claim to violate TCPA guidelines.  Over 30% of these suits are filed by serial litigators – those who have filed claims before. Some have even learned how to manipulate the SMS and TCPA system to increase their odds of receiving a favorable ruling.  We have experienced the astronomical pressure of serious lawsuits. Coping with the intense stress of lawyers, legal fees, and the thought of losing one’s possessions can destroy health, family, and life itself. Using caution when monetizing data is an absolute must.
  • What value proposition does Talk 2 Me Media provide?
    Honestly, there are so many perks we don’t even know where to start. Ultimately, our turnkey solutions offer data companies and SMS senders the freedom to get their messages delivered without the constant threat and pressure of litigators.  Having more than a surface-level understanding of TCPA requirements and ever changing SMS laws is a must. Our deep ties with the SMS space both legally and practically (cutting edge delivery) has kept Talk 2 Me at the forefront of the industry.   There are many more advantages, but at the end of the day, what’s important is getting the results you want. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards and strict KPIs. We do what we say we’ll do and we have years of experience successfully establishing, building, and managing high-performance teams offshore to back it up
  • Do you help navigate the TCPA & CTIA compliance process?
    As part of our standard onboarding process, our delivery experts inspect the source page your data is collected from. Meeting the requirements of TCPA and compliance with ever changing SMS laws is an absolute must for those who don’t want to face hefty fines or jail time. However, following these regs doesn’t insulate you from being sued.  As an optional service, we can review your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages to ensure they have the right level of protective language. We can also help create the required express consent language every data acquisition source needs to have. This will help to mitigate potential issues that could arise from complaints.   Through our ties with a top U.S. TCPA law firm, we alert our clients to any regulatory changes that may require immediate action, thereby keeping them ahead of the curve,  Essentially, we keep our fingers on the pulse of changing SMS regulations so that you don’t have to.