You Can Go It Alone, But Why?

Learning the ins and outs of regulations and SMS delivery is a full time job
requiring savvy insider info and years of experience. Consider this:
Litigators have made a lucrative career from lawsuits. Dated TCPA laws create confusion and unfair verdicts.
We monitor changing SMS regs so you don’t have to. We alert clients to any changes that may require action.
If crossed, harsh financial penalties or jailtime can result. Yet, following them doesn’t insulate from lawsuits.
Carriers block codes if the message content isn’t sound. Following the 200 page CTIA rule book is key for success.
Plaintiffs allege no consent given to send messages. This forces senders to settle or litigate at high cost.
Our digital marketing specialists are conversion-driven and highly motivated to fully maximize the ROI.

Customized Bulletproof Systems

Over the last 15 years, Talk 2 Me Media has generated billions of
revenue dollars in the digital marketing space.

We Support And Deliver To All
Major Us Carriers

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